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This is just a quick announcement to remind everyone that raid times have not changed.

8:30 PM eastern time is still 8:30 PM eastern time, even with the daylight savings time change. Please keep this in mind and show up to raids on time.

Thank you.

Scythian Yes. For those outside the DST change, we're running on -04:00 GMT instead of -05:00 GMT right now until it changes back ...
Ledrago Oh wow, your daylight savings last 9 months? And thanks for explaining ...

Applicant Promotions

Scythian posted Feb 26, 14  -  Promotions
Congratulations to Kelcie and Amber-Light, who have both made member status recently. Woo!

Amber Light Thank you ...
Skynet Grats ...
Reminder of event Raid Group 2A on 2014-04-25 08:30:00 pm
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