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New Member

Verik posted Aug 5, 14
Congratulations to Bajeer for making it to member/raider status!
Saerion Grats ...
Bajeer Sweet! Thank ya
Skynet Congrats!!!

Applicant Promotion

Skynet posted Jul 12, 14
Congratulations to Cercei for making it to member status! GG

Cercei MIA Woot!
Verik Grats!
Skynet   added 30 Advanced days to Syndicate
Syndicate has reached a new hit record of 73 unique hits today!
Skynet   If only one of them would have applied to the guild!!! :S
Kaeas   joined Syndicate
Verik   added 30 Advanced days to Syndicate
Verik   published New Member on Syndicate Blog
Bajeer   joined Syndicate
Skynet   published Applicant Promotion on Syndicate Blog
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