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New Members

Skynet posted Nov 22, 14
Congratulations to Mekoides, Freedan and Minaui for making it to member & raider status!!!

New Officer

Verik posted Nov 19, 14

Please welcome our new Syndicate officer, Kyrey! She will be working with Skynet and I on both raid groups.


Verik and Verik   added a total of 455 Advanced days to Syndicate
Merrellynchski   added 30 Advanced days to Syndicate
Verik   thank you Merrell
Verik   added 90 Advanced days to Syndicate
Verik   added 30 Advanced days to Syndicate
Jujubeez   registered to Syndicate
Bad Mojo   registered to Syndicate
mhyato   registered to Syndicate
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