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Survivability Roles:
Healing Roles:
Damage Roles:
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Regional Lairs
Aspect of the Long-Toothed
Aspect of the Many-Limbed
Aspect of the Great-Winged
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Nightmare Dungeons
(MP) Wreck of the Polaris
(MP) Hell Raised
(MP) The Darkness War
(MP) The Black Ankh
(MP) Hell Fallen
(MP) The Facility
(MP) Hell Eternal
(MP) The Slaughterhouse
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Nightmare Scenarios
(PL) The Hotel - S&P
(PL) The Mansion - S&P
(PL) The Castle - S&P
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Elite Raids
New York City
New York City (5 Minute Achievement)
N’gha-Pei the Corpse-Island
Agartha Defiled
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Nightmare Raids
New York City
N’gha-Pei the Corpse-Island
Agartha Defiled
The Cabal
Compact, experienced, and dedicated. We maintain a community of small stature, which in part requires a level of effort from those within. While our standards may be considered strict – more so than some, less so than others – they are practised for the sole purpose of benefiting the whole.
We are not a cabal of casual players. We are not a cabal of 'hard-core' raiders. We are efficient, and progression cannot escape us. For this we require preparedness, willingness, and respect.
We have been here since the beginning, and we will remain until the end.
We require our potentials to be competent. Inexperience with certain content is acceptable should one show an aptitude for development.
Those seeking a survivability role must be capable of adaptation and sustaining threat.
Those seeking a healing role must be capable (or willing) to leech heal.
Those seeking a damage role must be capable (or willing) to provide required support and upwards of 2,000 DPS minimum.
Applicants are under a two week trial period which begins immediately upon invitation to the cabal. At the end of this period all applicants will be up for review. If accepted, access to the website will be granted alongside assignment to the item distribution cycles.
Our raiding schedule is as follows: 
Raid Group 2A - Tues/Fri @ 8:30PM EST
Members are required to notify an officer privately or via the forums should they be unavailable.
We do not schedule dungeons, scenarios, or lairs as a cabal. These are spontaneous activities.
Those participating in cabal activities (raids) must connect to our voice communication server in order to listen. Speaking is not a requirement.
Round Robin
Items are distributed through a tiered, round-robin system. This system has been devised to promote fairness; everyone will gain an item before gaining a second of the same type.
All items are on a separate round-robin cycle.
Items accountable under the round-robin system:
Criterion Upgrades 
Astral Fuses
Weapon Toolkits
Talisman Toolkits
Aegis Upgrade Kits 
The Tier System
There are three (3) tiers within Syndicate which allow for loot eligibility:
Tier 0 - Capable of performing all roles well with high attendance.
Tier 1 - Capable of performing two (2) roles well with high attendance.
Tier 2 - Capable of performing one (1) role well with high attendance.
Those with low attendance are placed in a subsequent tier.
How It Works
All raids use the master-looter function, with distribution being handled by the raid leader. In order to determine which individuals of a certain tier receive items, those eligible are given a number alphabetically based upon their name. A random number generator ( is then used, and loot is awarded based on the number which is drawn.
Once the entirety of the highest tier have received loot, distribution will begin for the second tier, and finally the third. The round-robin cycle is reset when all individuals of every tier have received their items.
Only active members are assigned to the tier system. Applicants will gain access once the trial period has been completed, beginning in the lowest tier. Additions and modifications of individuals to the astral fuse cycle are only made once the previous cycle has been completed, with some exceptions.
Signets earned by the cabal are given to the cabal. They are then distributed through submitted requests. Eligibility for signets is determined by participation in cabal activities, primarily of which is the completion of raids according to the designated schedule.